Dec 26

Have Yourself A Mini-Little Christmas!

Christmas Day grocery shopping?  I guess so!

After a week of entertaining the in-laws, the husband and I realized we had not made any real plans for Christmas dinner.  There I was, strolling the aisles of the grocery store (after doing research to find one that was even open!) for a whole chicken.  My goal?  To prepare one of the winning recipes from the Robbwolf.com holiday recipe contest.  Stacy and Matt’s Bacon Chicken with Insanely Delicious Bacon Flavored Cabbage quickly turned into Bacon Cornish Game Hens.  Apparently the Christmas ham tradition was replaced by Christmas chickens this year and they were fresh out!  Holidays truly require flexibility – ESPECIALLY when shopping on Christmas Day :)   Who can turn down these little guys though?

We used the organic spaghetti squash, cabbage & onions from our weekly organic CSA box (Suzie’s Farm) so double bonus!  Here’s our mini spaghetti squash!




-Hate cabbage?? There is no way you can resist cabbage when it’s cooked this way and slathered with bacon goodness.  I dare you to try it and say you still hate cabbage.  Impossible!

-Using the Cornish Game Hens actually worked out really well!! The small size allowed the bacon to be easily wrapped around the game hen using a single slice.

-Very easy, made the house smell delicious, and an overall excellent Christmas treat!