Jun 03

‘Only Paleo’ Phone Application – Now Available!

Ever stood there questioning the food in a grocery store aisle, reviewed a menu at a restaurant, or thought twice about food choices at a social event?  You may have been concerned with the amount of calories or grams of fat in the past, but now that you’ve learned that it’s all about eating REAL food versus analyzing a number….. there’s an app for that!

Only Paleo is a new phone application available for iPhone and Android phones.  It is a credible database (quality assurance provided by yours truly and Amy Kubal, RD) that helps you determine whether or not the food choices in front of you are valid Paleo choices.  Even if you do not subscribe to a Paleo lifestyle and just want to start making the most nutrient-dense food choices, this is for you!

Simply download the application to your mobile phone, search whatever food you are questioning, and ta-da! The phone lets you know if the food is indeed Paleo (or a whole, nutrient-dense option), to be used in moderation, or not your best choice.  There is huge potential for this application to grow based on consumers questions and comments.  Let us know what you think and what other options you want included if they are not currently available.

Get in on the action today!

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