Jul 16

Partnership with Skinny Gene Mom

I’ve developed a love for pre/postnatal nutrition!  I’ve worked with many moms to be, moms that are thinking about starting a family, and moms with kids and have found such joy working with this population.  These moms (and their family) are dedicated to ensuring proper nutrition for the baby’s health and their own.  I completely appreciate the importance nutrition has during all stages of development and love to help families make better choices.  I also know that nutrition isn’t EVERYTHING when it comes to health.  Moms and families have struggles fitting in physical activity, dealing with stress, sleeping, and the list goes on.  I believe my holistic mindset is a huge asset when dealing with this population.

That being said, I am extremely excited to work with a friend from high school, Stephanie, on her adventure in blogging.  She has created a website called Skinny Gene Mom.  She calls the blog Skinny Gene Mom because people contribute her ability to bounce back into phenomenal shape to her genes.  While genes may play SOME role in this, her nutrition (paleo-based) and at-home workouts are the main factors in getting this mom’s body back and staying healthy.

I will be writing about all things pregnancy on this blog.  I highly recommend you check it out! There are a ton of great  recipes, workouts, articles on nutrition, cheap games ideas/activities, fashion and beauty advice, and more.

Stay tuned!